We Don't Just Handcraft Jewelry, We Build Relationships


Each jewelry piece symbolizes a special relationship and memorable experience in a person's life. We are passionate about helping each client capture that special moment through jewelry.

We work closely with our clients and create all our pieces with utmost precision and dedication. For us, jewelry making is an art governed by old-world craftsmanship, integrated with cutting-edge technology.




Made By Nature. Designed for You


"Your ideal jewelry piece may not always be in our display. If that is the case, we aim to design and tailor your idea into reality. Rest assured, we always hit the mark and exceed expectations." - Roman Malakov


Our Promise

Our foundation and all aspects of our operation are built on trust. We promise to offer you an environment of transparency and reliability throughout the whole process of catering to your jewelry needs.

Exceeding the 4C's: From Mine To Market



in the highest standard of jewelry workmanship.


The 4C's is a universal grading scale to help consumers better understand diamonds. These help objectively judge a diamond's rarity and price. However, contrary to popular belief, the 4C's alone do not translate to a diamond's desirability and beauty. Some diamonds may have the exact same characteristics but will vary in price. Because even with the same 4C's, the overall beauty of some diamonds are unmatched. It is the culmination of all the diamond's characteristics that produce it's overall beauty!


At Roman Malakov, we strive to provide you with the best combination of the 4C's that will give you the best value for your budget. Our stones are ethically sourced directly from the mines and undergo rigorous inspection to make sure they meet the strict quality standards Roman Malakov upholds. They travel long journeys to make it to our store and eventually, to your hands.


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