A Passion that Grew into a Business


During the summer of 1945, just after the second world war had ended, the eldest Malakov brother had the privilege of becoming a master watchmaker under the direction of Europe’s most removed watchmakers. Through his tutelage, the Roman Malakov name was born, leading the brothers to deal in rare watches and gems. In the coming years, the Malakov brothers had then established themselves as experts of the “Russian cut” standard of diamond cutting.

The name Roman Malakov has now been synonymous with the tradition of jewelry and watch-making. Consisting of three brothers, the first generation of the Malakov family embarked on a journey that has now built a family business that would reach from the famous Central Asian Silk Road to Europe and beyond.

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For over 100 years, Roman Malakov has mastered all the aspects of the trade, including diamond cutting, jewelry-making, retail, and wholesale operations. We strive to provide the highest standards of quality and service to our valued clients using our principles of integrity, loyalty, and an unbending commitment to client satisfaction.

In Roman Malakov, our pieces are never mass produced; we carefully handcraft each piece with utmost passion and precision. Each piece symbolizes a very special relationship or memorable experience in a client's life that is forever immortalized in that jewelry piece. 


From Mine To Market


To keep our promise of providing quality products and services, our stones are sourced straight from the mines and travel long journeys to make it to our store. We have world-renowned experts that carefully inspect each rough diamond making sure it meets the strict and world-class quality standards that Roman Malakov upholds. 


Stones come in traditionally sealed bags made of muslin cloth. The seal ensures that the diamonds are secure and not tampered with. In each checkpoint of its travel, the Kimberley certificate of authenticity is delivered.

Roman Malakov Today


After three generations of excellence, Roman Malakov continues it's top-rated services by serving loyal customers and potential prospectors in its current flagship at the heart of New York City.