-Who We Are-


Throughout the 100 years of combined experience in the industry, Roman Malakov has forged the guiding principles of intregrity, loyalty, and unbending commitment to perfection and client satisfaction in all our products.

We source their diamonds from the mines itself and hand-cut them to maximize the inner potiential and beauty of each rough stone. Each diamond is certified by reputable gemological laboratories such as: GIA, IGI, AGL, etc. 




-Made By Nature. Designed for You-


-From Mine To Market-

To keep our promise of providing quality products and services, our stones are sourced straight from the mines and travel long journeys to make it to our store. We have world-renowned experts that carefully inspect each rough diamond making sure it meets the strict and world-class quality standards that Roman Malakov upholds. 


-Stones Behind the 4Cs-